“If you’re willing to settle for a mediocre realtor, move on! You won’t find one here. Heather Starr is anything but your average real estate professional. Don’t be fooled by her genuine warmth and bubbly personality. This woman loves what she does and is willing to push up her shirtsleeves and work hard for you. As others here mention, Heather’s enthusiasm translates into a keen awareness of today’s market trends and great communication skills as she helps you move through the buying or selling process. And no, she’s not afraid to point out details you may be over-looking throughout the journey. Frankly, we felt as though we were Heather’s only client. She was as excited as we were when she found our perfect house. Though, I somewhat questioned her advice on our aggressive house bid, Heather’s expertise nailed it dead on. She’s the realtor everyone hopes they have. Together, Heather and Jason Starr are a force to be reckoned with. Enjoy your experience!”

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