Wendy Gray

“I have had numerous experiences with Heather Starr, representing us both as a buyer and a seller. On every occasion, she showed acute acumen in all areas of the transactions – especially the tricky ones! After having bought and sold four homes by owner before working with Heather, I now realize what a mistake that was. It’s imperative to be represented by a Realtor like Heather to protect your interests and investments. On every occasion, Heather saved our proverbial tails by addressing subtleties on the offers that would have been costly if not handled up front. Bottom line: Heather will go straight into battle for you, but it’s with a velvet hammer, as she has decorum in spades. Heather is the whole package – she is professional, ethical, respectful, well-spoken and written, detail-oriented, dedicated, hard-working, loyal and patient. We’ve looked at dozens of properties over the past five years, and she was as cheerful on the first as she was on the 36th! Both as casual investors and for our own residence, I can’t think of a single time that Heather has steered us in the wrong direction. She has an innate personal mission to ensure her customers are happy with the real estate experience… but even more importantly, the property for the long term. I can’t believe I haven’t taken the time to write a review before now, but it never occurred to me… she didn’t ask – that’s not her style. Heather is a world-class agent. You want her on your side!”